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Bellevue Councilwoman Arrested

Below is a Summary of the Police Report:

On Saturday 7/16/2022 at approximately 0347 hours, Officer #1 and myself were dispatched to 89 Sumner Ave for a male who had stabbed himself. While enroute, County Dispatch advised that this may be a domestic and that the knife was not accounted for. Dispatch was going to stage EMS until police secured the scene.

Upon arrival, this officer was met by a male later identified as John Miller. Miller was standing in the doorway and was holding some towels on his right leg and was actively bleeding on the floor. Miller had a puncture wound on his thigh near his knee. I asked Miller what happened and where his wife was. Miller was disheveled and sweating and said that he had dropped a knife and got cut. Miller then said his wife was getting ready for bed. Officer #1 stayed with him and I went through a closed door into the living room and called out for his wife. The living room carpet had fresh blood splatter all over the room. I followed the blood trail into the kitchen where various items were scattered on the floor as well as puddles of blood. There was a steak knife near a package of bottled water and a steak knife under the kitchen table. I saw a female later identified as Sabreena Miller near the bathroom. I approached Miller and asked her what was going on. Miller came at me and told me to get out of her house and “why was I there”. I told Miller that I was called there and that her husband was bleeding from a stab wound at the front door. Miller did not seem concerned and began to scream at me and push me, saying I had no right to be there. I could smell alcohol coming from her breath as she was pushing me. Officer #2 came into the room behind me. I tried to explain to Sabreena that there was blood all over the apartment and that I needed to investigate what had gone on. I then noticed that Sabreena had a couple fresh scratches and red marks on her neck. Mrs. Miller was erratic and not answering questions, so I asked Officer #2 to stay with her as I was going back to Mr. Miller to ask him some questions.

¬†As I walked away, I heard Officer #2 yell that she had just punched him in the back of the head. I turned around and saw Sabreena and Officer #2 struggling. I told Sabreena that she was under arrest and she had to be secured by both of us as she resisted and twisted not allowing us to cuff her. Mrs. Miller did have some bandaging on her right hand and had to be cuffed up on her forearm. Sabrina was placed on a chair in her living room until medics were done caring for her husband. I spoke with Mr. Miller and told him that Sabreena had marks on her neck and he needed to be truthful with me. Miller was very evasive but did finally admit that they were having an argument over Sabreena being highly intoxicated and then wanted to take narcotics as well. Mr. Miller did not want her to mix the two for her safety. Mr. Miller said they struggled but continued to deny that she stabbed him. Officer #1 said neither knife on the floor had blood on them but discovered a knife in a block holder with blood on it. #1 took the knife and placed it into evidence. Sabreena was transported back to the station for processing. Mr. Miller was transported to AGH for stitches. I advised Mr. Miller that his story concerning how he received his injury did not make sense to me and that I would be filing a count of Simple Assault on him by Summons due to Sabrina’s injury to her neck.

Sabreena asked numerous officers at the station where her kids were and why she was going to jail. Officers explained to her that her Father-in-Law was watching the children and that they were safe. Sabreena transported to Allegheny County Jail for three counts of assault.

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